Mobilizing Mission

Go on mission with us to raise up an army of bold, biblically grounded, spirit lead worship songwriters in all nations, tribes, and tongues.


Your donation will go straight to work furthering the mission of The Worship Coalition, providing much needed training for worship songwriters and leaders, hands-on community worship songwriting intensives, resourcing the global church with recordings and charts, and advocating for the health and unity of the global church through worship.

Workshops & Intensives

It is imperative that we as followers of Jesus Christ gather, grow, and worship together. In our 2-day Workshops and 3-day Intensives, we facilitate practical teaching, multiple co-writing sessions with our professional coaches, real time constructive feedback, and refreshing times of community worship, all in YOUR city. WE COME TO YOU! If you run a worship songwriting ministry in your community, or want to unite your multi-campus church by writing your own worship songs… we want to partner with you! Sign up for a 30 minute zoom call with Stephen to have a conversation about partnering in your songwriting community!

Missions Trips

If God has impressed global worship missions in your heart, and you are ready to facilitate and train up an army of bold, biblically grounded, spirit lead worship songwriters who will write and lead every tribe and nation in their native tongue by the end of our children’s lifetime…send us an email here and include your contact information.

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