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54 songwriters + 17 different states = one album to raise up an army of worshippers

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What: Our mission is to raise up an army of worshippers to shake nations and change governments through worship and song for Jesus. 

In September of 2021, 54 songwriters from 17 different states gathered in Big Fork, Montana to write worship songs together. Writers came with the expectation to encounter the Living God, to be refined and unified through community, and to establish truth “on earth as it is in heaven” through songwriting. We culminated the event with a night of worship where we introduced our best 10 songs from the writing retreat. Miraculously 2 souls were saved that evening, multiple marriages were restored, and God’s spirit met us powerfully that night.

We were partially surprised to see how well the crowd of believers from multiple churches who had never heard these songs were so easily able to sing along like they already knew them. And yet we were not completely surprised because we had sensed the Holy Spirit so present among us while we wrote for three days prior.

Now we are seeking your help to raise funds to put together a professional recording and supporting resources of these original worship songs written, so that all of our churches as well as churches around the world can learn the songs, use the songs, and unite while singing the truth over their communities.


When: Album production is set to begin Early 2022 and released Fall 2022


Why: It takes great wisdom, diligence, and time to put forth a professional recording of songs and the resources that accompany them that capture the heart of God as when we wrote them while capturing an authentic sound/culture of unity. All of that takes crowdfunding to be able to take these musical compositions and make them easily accessible (and desirable) to the Body of Christ around the globe.


Who: With your help, we will be able to raise the $45,000 needed to pay for: a highly recommended and seasoned Christian producer; musicians; sound engineers; and distribution. Any amount raised above $45,000 will be used for video production to help market the album, which alone could easily require $20,000. So every dollar helps!


The Worship Coalition will own the recordings and will use the profits to continue to train and resource the global church. The songwriters will keep a portion or all their publishing depending on their individual goals and capacity to steward the songs they’ve written.

Name Donate Amount Date
Anonymous $315.13 November 29, 2021
Anonymous $600.00 November 11, 2021
Tower Hill Church $3,000.00 November 11, 2021
Thomas Hellmuth $50.00 November 07, 2021
Sunny Ellis $100.00 November 04, 2021
Anonymous $500.00 November 04, 2021
Anonymous $100.00 November 04, 2021
Anonymous $50.00 November 02, 2021
Crystal Lozano $50.00 November 02, 2021
Sophie Lockhart $15.00 November 02, 2021
$200.00 November 02, 2021
Rachael Rachael $50.00 November 01, 2021
Elisa Turner $20.00 November 01, 2021